List of My Time to shine’s programs



Due to our very small adult-child ratio (1:2), we are able to tailor the activities to your child´s need. All of our staff is therapists or therapists in training which means your child has a professional that knows his developmental needs and is there to faster the skills necessary for success.

My Time TOTS


My Time TOTS is a developmental program designed by Marcela Teran, Occupational Therapist, and Martinica Barrionuevo, Speech and Language Pathologist with more than 20 years in the child development field. The MAIN GOAL of this program is to offer the child a stimulating environment respecting the natural phases of emotional development and learning stages. The ACTIVITIES are specially designed to promote the development of the skills that are the neurological foundation of learning: self-regulation, sensory-motor, language-cognition, and socio-emotional skills. We believe that all children and especially very young ones can significantly benefit from an environment that gives them opportunities to learn through PLAY and through SENSORY MOTOR rich activities. These two main areas are predictors of future academic success!



At My Time Summer Camp, your child will have the opportunity to have fun while practicing valuable skills. Our camp will focus on communication and social skills, sensory, motor, and language development. Attention and cognitive skills. The camp is led by Speech and Occupational therapists with years of experience.