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Project Description


My Time Baby Classes are led by certified Occupational, Physical and Language Therapists specialized in Child Development. All activities target different areas that are fundamental for  learning and socio-emotional skills. The classes are a unique opportunity to learn why and how to provide the richest developmental yet fun activities at home as well. It is also a great opportunity to interact with a professional that understands child.

Development and ask questions that often times go unanswered by pediatricians like:

– What should my child should Be doing at this stage?

– When and how should I introduce pureed / solid food?

– Why is my child crawling strange? Is that important?

– Why does my child

-Dislike being on his/ her tummy? How can I help?

-Does the fact that my child is exposed to two different languages, delay his/ her speech?

-Will the use of pacifier / bottle affect my child’s speech?

Infant/toddler neurological development

  • Baby Classes: 8 to 15 months Tuesday 9:30am to 10:30am.

  • At My Time Inc. 1800 Southwest 1st Avenue Suite 502, Miami, Florida 33129

  • $30 per class

“Words of comfort, skillfully administrated, are the oldest therapy known to man”


We Are Here to help your child reach their maximum potential.