Classes are led by certified Occupational, Physical and Language Therapists specialized in Child Development. All activities target different areas that are fundamental for  learning and socio-emotional skills. The classes are a unique opportunity to learn why and how to provide the richest developmental yet fun activities at home as well. It is also a great opportunity to interact with a professional that understands child.

Development and ask questions that often times go unanswered by pediatricians like:

– What should my child should Be doing at this stage?

– When and how should I introduce pureed / solid food?

– Why is my child crawling strange? Is that important?

– Why does my child

-Dislike being on his/ her tummy? How can I help?

-Does the fact that my child is exposed to two different languages, delay his/ her speech?

-Will the use of pacifier / bottle affect my child’s speech?

  • Baby Classes: 4 to 12 months Tuesday 9:30am to 10:30am.

    Toddler Classes: 13 to 24 months Friday 10:30am to 11:30am.

  • At My Time Inc. 1800 Southwest 1st Avenue Suite 502, Miami, Florida 33129

  • $30 per class


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